About Maxors

Welcome to MAXORS!
Depending on good quality and stylish design, MAXORS is serving here with a simple dream of “Share Everywhere”!
In-car equipments, especially in-car entertainment device is more and more popular as today`s highly developed car culture.
Supplying good products, providing good service is what MAXORS doing in everyday`s work.

Where MAXORS comes from?
MAXORS is a brand center of LIEN`S TECHNOLOGY (www.lienstech.com). We have a strong support from LIENSTECH. And also we focus on service quality same as product quality. MAXORS is a brand shopping center, and also a platform for passion and creativity both of MAXORS team and MAXORS customers.

What MAXORS do for business?
MAXORS is committed to building an easier international shopping center for car entertainment devices. We carry forward LIENSTECH`s spirit in international business for end users. Also bringing new technology and new products to customers directly.

How will MAXORS carry on?
As a brand shopping center, MAXORS is doing well on bringing good products to customers. LIENSTECH is providing all the technology skills for MAXORS, supplying fashion car entertainment products directly. The development step of in-car device will be a trend as HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION/ LONG-RANGE CONTROL/ ONLINE INTELLIGENT. MAXORS will follow the steps of LIENSTECH, and release the newest products in time, supplying good pioneer products for customers, and building a better future for in-car culture.

MAXORS, Share Everywhere!

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