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MAXORS accepts T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION (WU), MONEY GRAM (GM), etc.
Usually, MAXORS accepts USD only. When using other currency, please contact us before making the payment.
Accounts details will be included in the Order Confirmation List (OCL) with an ORDER NUMBER from MAXORS when order confirmed. Please remember to note the payment with the ORDER NUMBER, and send us the BANK SLIP when needed.
When using PAYPAL, please make sure your delivery address is the same one you registered on PAYPAL as the PAYPAL company requires. If not, please contact us and MAXORS will record the situation before receiving the payment.
When using WU/MG, please send us the 4 items below,
1) MTCN/RN (Numbers from WU/GM).
2) Sender`s name.
3) Country/region.
4) Exact amount (in local currency before changing into USD).

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